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Evolving into music experience beyond music play

 About us

Verses is a company that develops interactive music technology and services based on artificial intelligence, providing an innovative music experience so that creation, appreciation, immersion, and communication can occur simultaneously through the use of technology.
The company is engaged in researching and developing deep learning sound separation technology, music transformation algorithms and an interactive user interface. Through the grammar of games, they are creating a music service that elevates music from something that we listen to, into something that the users can touch, feel, and play with.
Verses’ services transform a current linear music experience that consists only of “play” and “pause” into a colorful music encounter, leading us to a deeper understanding of and immersion in music.
Verses’ experiments and trials in the realm of music are creating a new paradigm by extending the history of audio recording devices that have developed from the LP to CD, and the MP3 to streaming during the past 140 years.

 Our Service

 Awards & Honors

2021 CES 2022 Innovation Award (FIGHTMAN: SUMIN’s Interactive Single)
2021 Selected as a start-up growth technology development project by the Korea Technology and information Promotion Agency for SMEs
2021 Selected as C-Lab Outside by Samsung Electronics
2020 1st prize in Startup-Large Company Solution Finder Platform Competition by Korean Ministry of SMEs and LG Display
2020 Selected as Shinhan Square Bridge Incheon’s Incubation program


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