CEO / Founder  Profile

Sung Wook Lee(Sean)

He served as a contemporary music composer, rock guitarist, multimedia engineer, co-founder of a game studio in the era of the Internet, and new business & investment manager at Samsung Corporation. After sensing the beginning of the mobile era, he founded Directmedia, a joint venture between Samsung Electronics, KT, KBS, and Yedang Entertainment, and served as vice president and president. He planned and implemented numerous multimedia services in network environments ranging from 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wibro, including the launch of the world's first commercial mobile TV service, KT's 'Fimm' video service, and music streaming service 'Dosirak' at Directmedia.
In the process, he made more than 100 billion won in sales, but there was an unanswered question in his mind. The question was “Why didn’t music develop into an interactive medium when video media becomes interactive from movies to video games?” And this question became a lifelong task, and in the end, he decided to study abroad at Carnegie Mellon in the United States.
While studying abroad, he studied interactive media and physical computing with several teachers and even started a campus venture in Boulder, Colorado. Finally, he met a similar-minded young man from Inha University in Chinatown on a snowy winter day and started playing Verses.
He likes to pioneer new genres and media, and He is most happy when the ideas of his team are fresher than his own. Since he has experienced the history of IT from the era of the internet and mobile to artificial intelligence and virtual space beginning to be combined, he understands what is important and what needs for startups.
1999 ~ 2001       Samsung Corporation
2001 ~ 2009       Directmedia
2015 ~ 2018        MOMOTONE
1995 KyungHee University/Music Composition(BA)
2014 Carnegie Mellon University/Tangible Interaction Design(MA)
2005.05 Certificate in UCLA Anderson School of Management/Global Media Leader
2006.05 Certificate in Tsinghua University/Global Media Course