Hitchhiker’s Metaverse Music

Release: December 6th, 2021 (1st), December 19th, 2022(2nd update)
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It is an app that allows you to experience the world of music of the global EDM musician hitchhiker who is active as a producer and DJ. As a hitchhiker character in a spacesuit, the user explores the space of Metaverse, creating and reconstructing their own music through items placed throughout. It is a space where music becomes the main character, not the background of Metaverse. A three-dimensional music experience is possible using artificial intelligence music and video engines.
In addition, you can create your own rap simply by touching it to the beat and it's okay to be wrong. Verses' AI is so understanding that it expresses your personality in any case.
Also, various climaxes and endings are hidden in Metaverse space. The deeper you explore, the more your music will be complete.
In Verses' metaverse music space, music fans can experience everything they could have ever imagined now. You can walk into the head of your favorite musician and have a deeper connection, or even become your favorite artist and rap.
You are no longer just a music fan, you are the protagonist.
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