Meta Music System

Release : Dec. 30th, 2022
Meta music system is a new music experience and product to meet users' needs in the metaverse era. You choose your favorite artists and music, and artificial intelligence helps you personalize artists and music that reflect your style and taste. The ability to produce own unique artist and make individual music meets the needs of today's consumers who want to express their personality and have controllability over what they like.
Meta music system is composed of visual, game, audio, and music engines with artificial intelligence, and real-time servers help users form a community worldwide.
In particular, the engineering result of this project that we paid the most attention to is an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that helps users develop different styles depending on the combination of each visual and musical element.
As a result, some music develops into a form of using various raps while others develop in different directions with a dazzling change of rhythm, helping users to express their tastes and individuality.
We've redesigned the music recognition system to utilize visual information. By introducing visual expression and video game-like items into the music system, users can easily recognize and predict musical changes, even if they are not trained in music.
For example, when users reach the moment they can select a new music item, we assigned avatars with different appearances to music items and set sounds of other frequency bands to make it easier for users to recognize changes in sound. In addition, when the music item is acquired, the background color of the screen changes in sync with a change of music, and the background object blinks at a different speed by the changing rhythm. As a result, users know what musical element they have acquired and how they are changing it.
First, we innovated the passive role of music fans appreciating the world created by the artist to the active role of producing and directing the artist like the director.
Accordingly, music fans can choose who their favorite artist will be and what style the artist will have. For example, music fans can reflect their taste in which glasses will suit the artist they like. In addition, they can apply their intentions in detailed production decisions such as what kind of choreography would be better, how to finish the music ending, who should sing a duet song with, etc.
Furthermore, music fans can create a new music video of their favorite artist and manipulate the camera angle and movement for the best shot, just like an actual music video director in this Meta music system.

Meta Music System Introduction

Meta Music Personalization System